Classic Plane Making Volume 1

Hollows & Rounds

Hollows & Rounds

Hosted by Tod Herrli

This DVD show the viewer how to design and construct a pair of size #14 Hollow and Round. TodHerrli uses a mix of traditional and modern construction methods in this introduction to wooden plane making. This type of plane is the most basic molding plane and yet, with a complete set , you can create or re-create any style of molding. After you have completed your first pair of planes, you will be ready to make an entire set, or move onto more complicated molding profiles.

The DVD has 15 chapters for direct access to any section of the show, including the measured drawings.

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**** Floats you say, I don't have any planemaker's floats! Not to worry, Tod shows you how to make your own set.

**** Sharpening, how do I sharpen a hollow iron??? Tod shares his grinding and buffing secrets.

The tape comes with a complete set of plans for the planes and all the jigs needed.


If you don't want to do make your own irons, Bob Howard, of St. James Bay Tool Co. will sell you the blanks you need for your planes. They are made from O-1 Steel. Just let him know what size plane you are making and he will send you the irons. Then just scribe the plane profile on the iron, grind, harden (the fun part) and temper. He will also have Side and Edge floats . You can contact Bob at (800) 574-2589 for more information.

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Measured Drawings included on DVD as a PDF File

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As most of you know, I'm a big fan of Tod Herrli and his planemaking

classes, so I was really looking forward to this video. My only concern was

that I was not sure how well it would work to compress 2 days of hard work

into a 90 minute video. Tod is an outstanding teacher, and having seen his

TV appearances I know he's comfortable in front of the camera, but there's a

LOT of material to cover here.

Well having watched the video, all I can say is... WOW! It moves quickly,

but it is really easy to follow. The production quality is outstanding (as

I have come to expect from Anatol), with great camera work and clear sound,

and Tod comes across just as naturally as if he were in his shop.

I'm surprised at how much they were able to cover-- Tod not only details the

planemaking, but also covers heat treating the irons, sharpening (using his

simple but effective method), float making, and even a little bit on fine

tuning. IOW, there's a LOT here, and it's all good...

While I would still recommend taking a class with Tod if you can (nothing is

better than hands-on learning), this video is the next best thing. As my

fellow Chicagoans Roeper and Ebert (famous move critics, Jeff) would say,

two thumbs up! (and remember, that's more than many Normites have! )

Hats off to Tod and Anatol for creating this outstanding resource. I can

hardly wait for volume 2.

Ralph Brendler

Got mine yesterday and watched it last night. Simply the best woodworking

video I've ever seen, and I've seen a bunch. I actually think I could succeed

in making a round and hollow after studying Tod's presentation another time

or two.

John Wadsworth (no affiliation, bla bla bla)

Ralph Brendler's comments about Todd Herrli, Anatol Pollilo and the

Classic Planemaking video were right on the mark. The video was shot in

my workshop and I was privileged to watch Todd and Anatol through the

entire process.

Todd literally made the hollow and round in real time and good time

from beginning to end. I note Ralph's comment about the lack of information

about fine tuning the completed planes. Ralph notes that time was of the essence

and to cover what was covered in 90 minutes was extraordinary. Another reason

was that when Todd completed the planes no final adjusting was necessary!

He is incredibly gifted. Todd explained and demonstrated all the steps necessary

to get to the final product. That no final adjusting was necessary was hard to

believe but I saw it with my own eyes.

I am reminded of the story that Carl Swensson told me about his decision

to take up hand tool woodworking. He attended a demonstration by a master

Japanese craftsman who handed one half of a dovetail joint around the room

for inspection as he made its mate. By the time the first piece returned to him,

the craftsman had completed the second and mated the two without further

adjustment. It would be nice to be so skilled.

Todd shows us the way to begin.

jennie alexander/greenwoodworking