Make a Chair From a Tree

The DVD is also available to stream or download at this link

"Jennie (John) Alexander has been making post and rung chairs from green wood for over 35 years. During this period she has gradually evolved and refined the chair making process to what is presented in this video.... The importance of this video... is not just that he shows viewers how to make a handsome chair using only hand tools, but that he shares his extensive knowledge of working with green wood."

Frank White, Curator of Mechanical Arts, Old Sturbridge Villiage.

Jennie (John) Alexander's video is based on his book (of the same name) and the courses that he taught. Jennie taught Post and Rung chairmaking for 25 years at her shop in Baltimore and around the country. During that time she has refined and simplified the process. The construction of the chair incorporates wet and dry mortise and tenon joinery and interlocking joints that result in an elegant but simple chair that will last for years.

This two hour video takes the viewer through the entire chairmaking process, beginning with a log, then riving and shaving the posts, rungs and slats. You will see all of the techniques and methods needed to create a chair, including steam bending, horizontal boring and seat weaving. The entire chair is built using only hand tools and traditional techniques.

Included with the DVD is a PDF File with the construction dimensions and details of all the chair parts as well as related equipment, forms and jigs. This video is the next best thing to taking the class! It was produced by greenwoodworking, Anatol Polillo and ALP Productions.

Some chairmakers have reported difficulty reading the PDF file for the Chair Stick dimensions. If you are unable to read the file on the dvd, here is a link to the "suggested dimensions and devices". It contains the corrected dimension for the chair stick.